What should your investment portfolio look like?

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you. And that is not because I don’t want to. Rather it is because everyone’s situation, goals, and preferences are different.  Some people may want to seek higher returns and accept higher risk; others might be more conservative.

I can offer a general guide that you can follow that may apply to many people, which depends on your risk level.  Below is a table showing different asset allocation of the different portfolios.

Conservative Profile

A conservative profile is primarily focused on providing a reliable income stream from the capital. It also ensures the protection of the capital value of your investment. It is best suited for people with a low tolerance for risk. If you are reliant on income from your investments, you should look at a conservative profile.


Balanced Profile

A balanced profile is a medium-term investment strategy. It should give you a balance of income and growth, so if that is what you are looking for consider using a balanced approach. If you are saving for retirement and are risk-averse, you might want to look into a balanced profile as well.


High Growth profile

A high growth profile is for long-term growth with low-income generation. Generally, if you have a high time frame and a high tolerance for risk, you should seek a high growth profile of investments. This is well suited towards young people saving for retirement. The returns on a growth portfolio will be volatile as much is allocated, about 90%, into shares and property.  Using the profile above will also mean that you are well-diversified across different economies

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