SONDORS Inc. (SODR) IPO Overview and Financials

Company Overview

Proposed Symbol SODR
Company Name SONDORS Inc.
Exchange NASDAQ Capital
Share Price $8.00-10.00
Employees 19 (as of 09/30/2022)
Status Filed
Shares Offered 2500000
Offer amount $28,750,000
Shares Over Alloted 375,000
Company Address 23823 MALIBU ROAD, SUITE 50 NO. 129 MALIBU CA 90265
Company Phone 323-372-3000
Company Website
CEO Storm Sondors
State of Inc DE
Fiscal Year End 12/31
Total Offering Expense $1,018,355.00
Shareholder Shares Offered
Shares Outstanding 15,556,380
Lockup Period (days) 180
Lockup Expiration
Quiet Period Expiration
CIK 0001940372
DealId 1234177-104505


Company Description

We are a California-based, design-focused electric mobility company manufacturing and delivering premium electric bicycles and an electric motorcycle. We design our products with both our consumers and manufacturing processes in mind in order to offer high quality products at competitive price points. We have played a critical role in creating the e-bike category by developing, manufacturing and selling one of the first e-bikes at scale both domestically and internationally and have delivered over 63,000 units in 72 countries since 2015. SONDORS e-bikes are well known for providing riders with a premier e-biking experience by combining visually appealing design with industry-leading performance. From our inception, we have been committed to making e-bikes more accessible to riders through our compelling retail pricing, as demonstrated by our Smart Step entry level e-bike, which is currently offered through Costco Wholesale Corporation and features a folding frame design and our proprietary battery technology. Additional e-bike models are sold direct-to-consumer, enabling the end customer to customize its e-bike across our portfolio of products, ranging from our full-suspension, mid-drive mountain bikes, to our MadMods offerings, which feature wide tires and customizable style kits. The MetaCycle, our e-motorcycle offering, represents our newest product category. The MetaCycle has the weight and agility of a motorized scooter, the styling of a motorcycle, the ease of learning and use of an e-bike and the price point of a motorized scooter. The MetaCycle features a design that is unique in the e-motorcycle market and which we believe will set the standard for a new intermediary category between e-bike and e-motorcycle design going forward, with an uncomplicated, elegant style and a superior riding experience. The lightweight, weld-free aluminum frame of the MetaCycle delivers a rider experience that is a step up from riding an e-bike without the intimidation and training required of a higher-powered traditional motorcycle. Its narrow stance and low center of gravity offers easy handling without the complication of the manual transmission that is typically installed on traditional gas combustion motorcycles. We believe the MetaCycle’s ease of operation, combined with its advanced styling features and all electric nature, will expand the potential addressable market for riders who have never considered motorcycle ownership previously. The MetaCycle’s price point is significantly more affordable than other leading e-motorcycle models such as Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire ONE and Energica’s Eva Ribelle, without sacrificing premium quality and functional style. We currently have pre-orders for over 10,000 units of the MetaCycle. We intend to leverage our premier position within the e-mobility vertical to bring future products to market. We are currently designing an electric all-terrain vehicle (ATV), an electric dirt bike, a larger version of the MetaCycle, MetaCycle-stylized e-bikes and other e-mobility products. These planned product offerings are in the design and prototyping phase at our California-based engineering facility and are being designed with a focus on our core tenets of industry leading style, exceptional performance and affordability. We believe this practical design approach, which utilizes universal product parts across varying models, is critical to expanding the addressable market for our products as we promote consistent experiences across our entire suite of product offerings while offering consumers attractively priced, premium EVs. — We were incorporated in the State of Delaware on July 20, 2022. Pacific Storm, Inc., a company under which Storm Sondors, our founder, Chief Executive Officer and Secretary, conducted his e-bike business prior to forming SONDORS Electric Bike Company, was incorporated in the State of Delaware on October 2, 2013. SONDORS Electric Bike Company was incorporated in the State of Delaware on March 15, 2017 under the name Sondors, Inc. and changed its name to SONDORS Electric Bike Company on July 20, 2022. SONDORS Electric Car Company was incorporated in the State of Delaware on August 15, 2016. Our principal executive offices, and the principal executive offices of SONDORS Electric Bike Company and SONDORS Electric Car Company, are located at 23823 Malibu Road, Suite 50 #129, Malibu, CA 90265. Our telephone number is (323) 372-3000. Our Internet website addresses are and

Company Financials

Revenue $16,787,000.00
Net Income -$4,225,000.00
Total Assets $24,371,000.00
Total Liabilities $29,227,000.00
Stockholders’ Equity ($4,716,000.00)


Company Filings

SONDORS Inc. S-1 10/11/2022 Link
SONDORS Inc. S-1/A 11/10/2022 Link
SONDORS Inc. S-1/A 12/01/2022 Link

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