Google may unveil its ChatGPT competitor soon

Google may unveil its ChatGPT competitor soon

Google has announced an event for February 8 where it plans to show new technology it has been working on for the future of search and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

While the company hasn’t revealed any details about the event, it has said that it is “reimagining how people search for, explore and interact with information, making it more natural and intuitive than ever before to find what you need.”

Many are speculating that the event will finally give people a glimpse of Google’s ChatGPT competitor, the OpenAI-developed natural language chatbot that has taken the world by storm.

In just over two months of launching, ChatGPT already has an active user base of 100 million, and the threat it poses is very real. After all, why would you waste time searching through dozens of webpages, when you ask the bot to find what you want.


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