NAVA HEALTH MD, LLC (NAVA) IPO Overview and Financials

Company Overview

Proposed Symbol NAVA
Exchange NASDAQ Capital
Share Price $5.00-7.00
Employees 90 (as of 07/31/2022)
Status Filed
Shares Offered 3022521
Offer amount $23,257,647
Shares Over Alloted 300,000
Company Phone 4109102770
Company Website
CEO Bernaldo Dancel
State of Inc MD
Fiscal Year End 12/31
Total Offering Expense $1,110,212.14
Shareholder Shares Offered 1022521
Shares Outstanding 14,500,000
Lockup Period (days) 180
Lockup Expiration
Quiet Period Expiration
CIK 0001932231
DealId 1219135-104619


Company Description

Nava is a vertically integrated, tech-enabled integrative healthcare practice combining traditional, functional, holistic, and regenerative medicine. Our innovative medical practice uses a data-driven, personalized approach to optimize health and increase longevity. We provide each client with an individualized wellness roadmap tailored to their specific symptoms, medical needs, and personal goals, which we refer to as their “Custom Vitality Plan” or “CVP”. The client’s CVP is developed as part of our proprietary diagnostic process, the “Nava Method”, which utilizes propriety software owned and developed by Nava. We believe Nava’s proprietary diagnostic process enables our practitioners to leverage various synergistic products and services for our clients. Our mission is to help each of our clients “feel their best”. We take an integrative approach to health optimization and longevity by providing comprehensive wellness treatment plans, services, and products to our clients. We partner with clients looking to proactively manage and restore their health and focus on comprehensively improving how they feel. Nava’s approach to integrative wellness combines conventional and natural treatments and services, with modality experts working together as a team to help prevent and treat disease. We believe that by offering innovative approaches that do not only treat the symptoms but that focus on the root causes of illness, we can not only treat chronic disease but help to prevent disease progression, increase longevity and improve quality of life. We deliver our health services through four (4) physical locations in the Baltimore/Washington Metro region. We currently plan to open up to eight (8) additional locations by the end of 2023, subject to market conditions and anticipated demand for our services. Our on-premises locations offer a premium client experience and luxurious, spa-like atmosphere. Our on-premises locations provide hands-on treatment options including, but not limited to, physician appointments and medical procedures, intravenous (IV) micronutrient therapies, massage, acupuncture, our aesthetic services and our full line of premium grade nutraceuticals and supplements, also available through our website. We also provide services through telehealth, delivering on-demand healthcare via mobile devices, video, or phone in Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Practitioners at Nava Medical include, but are not limited to board certified physicians, nurse practitioners/ physician assistants, certified aesthetics nurses, acupuncturists, massage therapists, board certified nutritionists, medical assistants, medical technicians, and certified life coaches. Nava Medical specializes in bio-identical hormone optimization, medically supervised weight loss programs, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) procedures, digestive health programs, advanced diagnostic testing, IV micro-nutrient therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, light therapy, intelligent bioenergetics therapy, B-12 injections, Botox injections, dermal fillers, body sculpting, and a full line of premium grade nutraceuticals and supplements (available at our on-premises locations and through our website), and skin health/ aesthetic products. Nava Medical also has a fully equipped, in-office clinical laboratory that provides diagnostic testing for Nava’s client, conveniently increasing the speed of research and results. Lab tests include, but are not limited to, chemistry, hematology, immunoassay, genetic, allergy, food sensitivity, and other blood and urine panels. Nava has six general areas of expertise and offerings, including but not limited to Diagnostic Testing, Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapies (BHRT), Regenerative Therapies, Aesthetics, Functional Nutrition, and premium-grade retail products. — We believe Nava is unique in that it houses all these disciplines under one roof. Additionally, we believe Nava’s technology and data driven system, diagnostics and protocol enables individualized care for our clients, factoring in all the above-mentioned disciplines and more along with premium-grade nutraceuticals and alternative services, including but not limited to hyperbaric oxygen therapy, massage therapy and intravenous micronutrient therapy. The compounding benefit of combining these services, therapies, and products provides advantages for our client’s health, delivering comprehensive results for them. — We were formed as a Delaware limited liability company in June 2013. Prior to the closing of this offering, Nava Health MD, LLC intends to convert into a Maryland corporation pursuant to a statutory conversion, and will change its name to Nava Health MD, Inc. Our principal executive offices are located at 9755 Patuxent Woods Drive, Suite 100, Columbia, MD 21046. Our telephone number is (410) 910-6156. Our website is

Company Financials

Revenue $9,444,000.00
Net Income -$356,000.00
Total Assets $5,719,000.00
Total Liabilities $8,588,000.00
Stockholders’ Equity ($2,869,000.00)


Company Filings

NAVA HEALTH MD, LLC S-1 10/27/2022 Link
NAVA HEALTH MD, LLC S-1/A 12/05/2022 Link

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